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    2017 Webinar Schedule

  • 2017 Webinars

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    Webinars are on Thursdays at 1PM EDT unless otherwise indicated. Topics subject to change.

    Tuesday, January 10 Social Media & The Law Special Time 7:00PM

    Presented in conjunction with TLO LIVE. This session tackles the legal and business issues surrounding online marketing and social media for nonprofits, startups and events.


    Thursday, January 26 Arts Marketing Trends A-Z 2017 Edition

    (Produced in conjunction with Arts Reach) From the Presidential election to Facebook LIVE, the past year gave us many marketing lessons to follow and many to avoid. Join us for the annual update to the popular Arts Marketing Trends A-Z session with 26 tactics and strategies to implement when promoting, advertising and fundraising your way to success in 2017. VIEW


    Thursday, March 23 Sponsorship Activation

    Sponsorship is a vital component to every successful event. Join us for this fast-paced session to review the basics and explore topics from the valuation of your sponsorship to engagement and activation with your current sponsors partners. Learn from case studies and real life experiences and leave with ten top takeaways to help you maximize your sponsorship portfolio for 2017 and beyond. REGISTER 


    Thursday, April 20 Event Marketing Lessons Learned from the 2016 Election

    (Produced in conjunction with IFEA) The 2016 Presidential election is still relatively close in our rearview mirror, however the lessons learned will reverberate for years to come. During this webinar, we’re not talking about the politics, but rather the strategies, gamesmanship and tactics used within a bruising $1.5 billion campaign that can be takeaways for us all in our future marketing, advertising and communication plans. REGISTER


    Thursday, May 18 Bridge the Divide Between Marketing & Programming (+ Fundraising too!)

    Explore ways for marketing to have a seat at the table when the major decisions facing your organization are made but also learn strategies to maximize the impact of marketing when the deals are already done. Marketing has and impact on fundraising too! Leave this session with eight takeaways to empower you to schedule a meeting with your boss and fellow colleagues. REGISTER

    Thursday, June 15 Collaboration

    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The Power of Collaboration workshop explores examples of cooperative ventures between organizations that worked, and some that didn’t. Attendees will learn from lessons on how to collaborate with organizations and partners to improve your relationships beyond your own current audience base. REGISTER


    Thursday, July 6 Fighting Social Media Fatigue

    Facebook. Twitter. Periscope. Instagram. YouTube. Snapchat. And these are only the beginning. So much has been written and spoken about social media, but what does it all mean to you and your marketing plan? Take part in this session to determine what works best for your given situation when promoting your events and building engagement with your audience. REGISTER


    Thursday, July 20 Multi-Generational Marketing

    Learn the basics as attendees delve into the mix of traditional and social media, the leveraging of content in your marketing, how to generate buzz and the importance of building partnerships to create events that people want to attend, and want to share with their friends and families. REGISTER


    Thursday, September 14 Fundraising Basics for Event Marketers

    Event marketers are tasked with assisting in the fundraising efforts and execution of plans for the arts and events every day. Join this conversation on a wide range of topics from sponsorship to fundraising campaigns to community foundation support and more. Take away a few actionable items from this session that will help you to improve your bottom-line. REGISTER


    Thursday, October 5 Creating a Marketing Plan

    You say you don’t have a marketing plan? If you are determined to create a magnificent success with your next event or festival, this session is for you. We’ll give you some quick tips and helpful hints on how to build a marketing plan that will at the very least, get everyone singing from the same songbook. REGISTER


    Thursday, November 16 Budgeting for Marketing Success

    You know you need a budget. It’s the roadmap to success, but you’ve never done one before. How much should we spend? What is all involved in the execution of a marketing plan? We’ll delve into these questions and answer more from the audience as we help you finalize your budget for 2018. REGISTER


    Thursday, December 7 A-Z Marketing Trends: 2018 Edition

    Twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Twenty-six ideas and concepts that are trending for 2018. The A-Z session reviews the basics and introduces the latest trends in advertising, marketing, social media, sponsorships and more. Marketing changes in the blink of an eye. Spend this fast-paced, informative hour to gain insight on what will make your plan a success. REGISTER


    To Be Scheduled:

    Do This, Not That: 20 Marketing Hacks to Maximize Your Limited Resources

    Marketing is the engine that drives awareness, attendance, sponsorship and ultimately the revenues generated by events and festivals. But when your resources are limited, how do you make the most of your time and budget?

    In this fast-paced webinar, you’ll learn 20 hacks to make your marketing more efficient and effective. From traditional to digital media, activation to engagement, you’ll learn tips and tricks of the trade to maximize your investment of resources. REGISTER


    Data & Analytics

    Data Informed vs. Data Driven. What data do you keep and track? What data do you lose? Explore the basics of the data you need to make decisions. Insights and analytics are plentiful, but using them on a daily or weekly basis takes a level of commitment. Explore the ways you’re able to make data work for you in this session that provides you with a plan to follow. REGISTER